It’s been a while

My life as a teacher in a nutshell

My life as a teacher in a nutshell

I know it’s been a while since I blagged about my television pursuits.  I’ve wanted to.  I’ve thought about it.  I’ve written sentences in my mind and drank wine preparing to type but scared myself away from the keyboard.  The problem is that I have a legitimate job now, one that pays actual bills but requires me to spend hours on certain nights figuring out what the hell to teach my sweet little monster teenagers because I am as skilled a teacher as Britta is a skilled therapist.

But the little attention this blog does get is enough to make me wonder “Hey, what would it be like if I put only an hour into a blog post, instead of an entire day like I did when I was unemployed?  And then I realized… why not?

But in the mean time, I have catching up to do.  So enjoy a series of short but sweet posts about what I’m currently watching, and what I’ve recently watched.

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