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I was Katness first.  With an e, because e is a better vowel.


My name is Kat.  I’m a thirty year old nothing waiting for a magical boat to float me to another world.  I am a teacher working two jobs at two different schools, both exhausting for different reasons.  So, rather than get stoned all night and accomplish nothing for the brief sense of unwinding, I write and I watch and try to analyze television.  I am happier, but more exhausted, than I have ever been in my life, so I’m going to do this writing crap until people get bored of me.

I like things that are strange.  I like it when people are accepting of their own weirdness.  Mind you, accepting one’s own weirdness is different than trying to be weird.  That hipster dude with the Legend of Zelda tee shirt who says “epic fail” in real life is trying to be weird.  That chick, who gets ridiculously uncomfortable in social situations with non-geeks but can talk at length about David Koechner’s body of work with absolutely no prompting is weird.  I like that girl more than I like that guy, because she doesn’t have to try.  She just is.

I want to talk to that creepy old person in the corner that everyone ignores.  I think they are wise.  I want strangers to understand why Community is better than Big Bang Theory purely on the basis of soul.  I want to talk about weird premises and strange ideas.  I often do, to you, but only in my mind. I want that dude that’s hard to follow and probably schizotypal to try and explain things to me.  I may have more in common with him than I have with most people.  I like people until they prove to me that I shouldn’t.

I watch TV, and I watch movies, and I write about it.  Right now I write whenever the wine forces me to confront my feels.

If you have an idea, or something you want me to watch, or if you think I’m awesome or I suck, send me an email at kat at ilikeweirdstuff dot com.  I really do want your input.

All things, unless authored by Gwenhwyfar, are authored by Kat.

The above portrait and the site banner is artwork by my best friend and confidante Theresa E, who really likes weird colors and weird vodkas.  That’s why we get along.  Check out her art and her tumblr too.

Full Frontal Lobe; Tales from the Spazzy Side: Gwenhwyfar


I’m Gwenhwyfar, the babbling idiot of this lopsided duo. In Whovian terms, she’s the clever one and I’m the potato one. In layman’s terms, she’s the clever one and I’m the gibbering twit who doesn’t know when to shut it. This is sometimes good and sometimes bad. I like TV and movies though I’ve not seen either in ages, sort of. I’m still discovering ‘new’ shows that have been around for ages–I may witter on about those. I’m a lover of comedy and I know from funny, having been raised in a psychotic but hysterically funny family who brought me up on the Muppets and Monty Python. I’m also quite lowbrow, comedically speaking and lean heavily towards the other end of Ye Olde Pond, but I love many from here, too.

I will also prattle on about things which have nothing to do with any of this because I have the attention span of a flea on meth. This is because I’m a card-carrying member of The Spaz Club. Diagnosed when I was ten and still going strong. thirty-one years later! If my scribblings are scrambled, blame the medication or the epilepsy it has yet to control. It works for me! I used to be able to write. Now? I’m a bunch of monkeys with typewriters hoping to eventually type out Shakespeare knowing full well I won’t even manage ‘The Little Engine That Could’

It’s fun pretending, though.

I shall also babble on endlessly about Doctor Who. Apologies in advance, I’m a gibbering idiot. Also, I curse a lot. This doesn’t mean I’m a moron. It means I love words. Words, words, words.

I also love me some slang and if that’s a euphemism I SO didn’t mean it that way. I think.

Here is things authored by Gwenhwyfar.

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8 thoughts on “About The Chicks Who Write This Crap

  1. Greetings from a fellow fan of weirdness. I like you a lot. This is not some kind of internet scam; that being said, you should check out FlattrDotCom so you can add a Flattr button to this site’s pages. Then people can click it and donate money to show appreciation for your awesome and weird corner of the internatz. 😉 Please consider it. I will continue reading on anyway!

    • This is my first time we visit here. I discovered so many entirtaening things in your blog, particularly its dialogue. From the tons of remarks on your articles, I suppose I am not the only one getting all of the leisure here! Keep up the great work.

  2. Thanks for circling me on Google+ – I am happy I have found your blog that way!
    Your About page is one of the best ones I ever read!
    I like strange things, too, and I can relate a lot to “I like it when people are accepting of their own weirdness. “

  3. Hey Kat, really enjoyed your review of community’s season finale – I feel the same way about all the loose ends! I found your blog through your review of Mateusz’ Submachine and Daymare games. You write really well and help put the awesomeness of this “weird” stuff into words.

    If you have the time, I’d suggest finding a non-default WordPress theme for this blog as the look doesn’t do the content justice.



    • Thanks for the positive feedback. I’ll definitely look into a new theme. I should find something a bit more fantastical for the content. I should also write more content. Perhaps I’ll check out my options tomorrow. Hope you come again soon!

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