“The Worth of a Heart” by (e)motion picture

Being a creative comes with perks. I have been given a world of creative friends from so many different corners of the art spectrum, between visual arts, design, film, and music. Today seems like a wonderful day to highlight the creative skills of a few friends. Watch this video, “The Worth of a Heart,” by (e)motion picture, filmed by Rumspringen.

The story takes place with a dreary Long Island backdrop. All Long Island backdrops ought to be dreary, seeing as this whole island is a cesspool of human pollution and Billy Joel. We’re introduced to a frantic Soda running for his life, crashing through a cemetery and discovering that his heart exploded. At least, I think his heart exploded. It appears to be symbolic of emotional trauma but I like to think it was body horror. Either way, he begins hemorrhaging blood and screams in fury within a cemetery, only discovering his mortal wound among the resting place of the dead (and being unable to rest himself). Meanwhile, T.T. senses his trauma psychically and attempts a rescue, only to discover the still-running Soda in his dying breath. Imagery includes the boys playing their instruments in a comfortable venue, with one particularly compelling shot showing Soda playing in front of what appears to be a graffiti’d face in either Maori or Japanese style. I took it to mean the demon is hanging over his shoulder. I liked the image of that demon, it paired well with an image at the cemetary of Christ with his hands outstretched.


I like sounds to tell me a story, and this song speaks of a deep listless depression ascending into a frantic and desperate madness. I’m not going to make believe I can hear the lyrics to anything but 80s pop and disco songs, but what I can hear is the maddening fury growing in Soda’s voice as the clock ticks forward and the pressure of the emotional bomb builds to an explosion. I like anything that starts with singing and climaxes with screaming.

The video was a collaboration between Soda and young filmmakers Rumspringen, a young but blossoming group of talent that will develop into something wonderful one day. While the video suffers from a fair amount of handy-cam shaking, it is no doubt a great effort by artists taking full advantage of this wellspring of Do-It-Yourself energy that’s taken the world by storm. Pop stars and their multi-million dollar budgets can blow me, frankly.

One thing is for sure, and that’s that (e)motion picture puts on a great show, and I’ve had the good fortune of seeing them several times. Soda gives crazymazing faces and the music does well to portray an array of emotions atop a rock backdrop, a goal befitting the band name. If you like what you see and hear, follow them on Facebook and come check ’em out. You might run into me.

Also, T.T. wears great jackets. I always appreciate great jackets. Even if you’re not into this kind of music, watch it for T.T’s jackets.


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