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This might be old-hat for some internet explorers who are familiar with Brian Limond, or “Limmy,” the Scottish Jack of All Trades that does everything from weird web design to having a television show.  For me, this is new crap that my boyfriend shared, and it is cool as hell.

Limmy seems to have an affinity for strange beats and artsy humor.  I get the feeling he likes screwing with people’s minds and playing a little bit with perception. Now, before I start to seem pretentious, I just want to show you Limmy’s butt.

Limmy does weird videos, photos, and what he calls “playthings,” little flash clickythings that aren’t so much games as they are interactive pieces of weird ass art.  Here are my favorites.

Beatboy is like watching a Micky Milkovich from Shameless dance in a Queer as Folk episode over and over again.  At this point I’ve had it on a loop for five minutes because the beat from the song is ridiculously addictive.  The left side is a continuous loop, but the right is a selection of (I counted) 8 different dance loops that randomly appear with the beat of the song.  It is infectious and fun, and I want that shirt.

Gouch is a square head bouncing to a creepy electro beat.  As you adjust the slidebar on the bottom, the heavy beat reduces and the song’s bleeps become louder while the character’s eyes close, and it’s sort of creepy and unsettling.  I like it because it is unsettling.

Roulette is a little game of Russian roulette with a man made of a white outline.  Every time you miss, the man smiles.  When you don’t miss, he frowns, and you hear screams of horror.  The best part is, you’ve just realized you’ve been hitting the button over and over again in the hopes that Mr. White Outline got shot in the head.  Feeling like a murderer yet?  Art trolling for the win.

So, if you’re bored on this evening before Valentine’s day, and looking for something weird to explore before you masturbate and pass out, is just the right place to give you an awkward laugh and make you feel a little uncomfortable.  Enjoy.

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