Eric’s Band Names

I’m not gonna lie, I love dumb stuff.  I like humor that isn’t overly complicated.  I like a website I can visit for thirty seconds and get five laughs and then forget it ever existed, and that’s Eric’s Band Names.

Of course indie band names can be pretty hilarious, but that hilarity disappears once you realize the tight-pantsed hipsters are intentionally being ironic so they don’t appear to take themselves that seriously, despite spending hours on stage staring at their shoes and making that one long chord really resonate deep within your psyche, so as, like, to indicate, it’s all image, bro, like, society is fake so we’re faking being fake.  Uh duh.  That’s why our band name is Dananananaykroyd.  That’s why our band name is “fun.” but none of our music is fun.

Here are a few samples of funny ass band names that you can laugh at before real hipster bands co-opt them and use them for evil.

  • Duke Gaga
  • High School Shooting Reunion
  • The Beyonces
  • Eureeka’s Septic Castle (SO RETRO DUDE-Kat)
  • Maaaaaaaaaddddddddoooooonnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaa
  • Creepo Depot
  • Wine Pong
  • Some Of The Best White People You’ve Ever Met
I don't know.

I don’t know.

And then there’s that guy, and frankly, I don’t know the purpose of his face being on the site, or if he’s even connected in any way to the site owner, but he’s just great.  I love these images of guys emulating that 70s “bear rug” boudoir photos that every sitcom used to rip on.  There is nothing greater than a self-made sex icon with that much hair.  Maybe I’m a hipster because I love how his suggestive body is positioned in front of a chain link fence and a barrel garbage can.  Maybe I like irony too much.  Maybe my band name would be “The Unintentionally Celibate Sexual Dynamos.”



Who is this amazing man that is exuding this pink-chiffon musk that I can’t get enough of?  Who is this man that Nick Kroll could emulate but never duplicate?  Why is there a part of me that wants to know if the carpet matches the jew-fro?  Why do I want to pull that fake moustache off his face with my teeth?


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