Shameless Addresses Male Victimhood


Check out this piece I did for Shameless News about Sunday night’s episode and Shameless’s history of writing stories about sexual violence on men.

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Nox Cult: Rotting Pieces of Meat


Photo by GEM

The first time I heard these men play, they blew my ears out as I sat in on a raucous rehearsal to see how the sausage gets made. Even though they were just building up the first few songs they had created, something in the room felt bigger than all of us. Nox Cult is an in-your-face musical explosion, with all the rage of young punks and all the skills of old pros. Nox Cult is creating a monster bigger than itself. Right before Christmas, Soda invited me over to chat the band up and see what’s making this time bomb tick. Continue reading

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A Week Late and a Few Bad Clams Short, Me

it's a way of life, don't ya know!

it’s a way of life, don’t ya know!

Leaving things unfinished is somewhat of a family tradition–at least on my Dad’s side of the family. Definitely not on my mother’s side-or at least not on Kat–our beloved blogmistress’ side of the family. She and her siblings all managed to finish college, get proper jobs, and live in homes that didn’t have some form of sheetrock dangling in the background.

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Twin Peaks Ended Badly Because it Undermined its Female Characters


When I was growing up, Twin Peaks was usually only mentioned at the tail end of some jackass yammering a joke about someone’s boobs. I never watched it when it aired because I was a mere twelve years old and probably too focused on Nicktoons to care. Lately there’s been a massive uptick of Twin Peaks attention on the interwebs since the announcement that it would be returning to television in a limited run for Showtime. Having binged the entire series and subsequent film and extended/deleted scenes, I can say with certainty that the first season was a boundary-pushing stylistic masterpiece that spiraled rapidly into the toilet as the show undermined its female characters within the second season.

I shouldn’t have to say this for a two-decade old show, but there’s spoilers inside.  If you’re still watching, don’t read this yet.
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The Interview: Save Your Six Bucks (Spoilers)

Borrowed from, been there actually, it's very nice

Borrowed from, been there actually, it’s very nice

You want me to laugh at Seth Rogen pointing out a Korean character just said “dong?” Continue reading

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Reflections of CommuniCon


Introspective photography is defined by how much of the lens you accidentally cover with your palm

The feeling I get once I build a connection is strangely invigorating. Coming out of a state of perpetual awkwardness into a sense of connection is like being birthed; it is uncomfortable and sometimes traumatic, but it ends with being wrapped in a blanket of warmth and acceptance. It was well worth it. Continue reading

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Harmontown, and the Liberation of Being an Asshole


While on my way to Rockbar NYC on Friday night for a superweek show, I spotted Dan Harmon’s tousled gray hair on a poster that bore Joel McHale’s name.  It advertised a screening of Harmontown the next day at 3:45 that included a Q&A, a small piece of good fortune seeing as the Friday shows had sold out.  Though I’m not a listener of Harmontown, having not found time to digest podcasts, I opted to view the film as an opportunity to see more stuff related to Community.  I left with the certainty that I would be listening to every episode of Harmontown in the future.

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Give it a Rest, Miley Did A Decent Cover of Led Zeppelin

And I feel qualified to say this, because I am a former Led Zeppelin diehard. Continue reading

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